Stranger Things web comic

4 pages of Stranger Things that appeared on Comics Sherpa in 2004.

These 4 pages are all that consisted of the "Stranger Things" portion of a comic book published as a Comics Sherpa anthology from myself and several other artists that produced work on that site at the same time.  "Attack of the Killer Sherpas" featured 4 pages each from many extremely talented cartoonists whose work all easily out-shined my own.  It was an extreme honor to have my work among them!  Other comics featured in the book were "Dead Air" by Dave Johnson, "Bob the Squirrel" by Frank Page, "The Zoo" by Gabe Strine, "Jack Velvet" by Dean Prefest, "Spork" by T.J. Mahaffey, "Idiot Box" by Matt Bors, "Basketcase" by Kelly Ferguson, "Offworlders" by James Bradbury, "Suzie View" by Tauhid Bondia & Erik McCurdy, and "South of Town" by Dave Fackerell.
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